Healthy Home with Window Treatments

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nVrjvTUThis time of year is so hectic, so why bring up changing window treatments? Most people are surprised to hear that certain situations call for new shades (or at least an evaluation). Energy Smart window treatments can offer protection and a healthy living environment. They can also save money.

Just like sunscreen protects our skin, window treatments are the sunscreen needed to protect us indoors. Not covering a window with a treatment leaves indoor content exposed to the sun, which can lead to the content getting burnt. This is most famously seen when we move a rug after years of it being on top of a wood floor. The wood where the rug used to be is one color while the other area is another. Without a barrier, we will have dry wood floors, faded fabrics and lackluster artwork. To protect our belongings, it’s wise to update our windows with coverings that offer ultraviolet protection. Depending on our needs, we can find treatments that filter 75 to 99 percent of the sun’s rays.

In the summer, window treatments will keep our house cool, while in the winter they will keep our home warm. This saves money on our energy bills.

For those of us planning on selling a home in today’s market, it’s important to take as many steps as possible to make it attractive to buyers. Adding new window treatments is an inexpensive and easy way to accentuate the features that a home has to offer or to hide its less-than-pleasing characteristics. The right window treatments can make small windows seem bigger, emphasize the drama of large windows, or define the space for small or odd rooms.

Source: Mindy Siegel, of M Square Design Group. For more information, call 516-606-9826.

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