Energetic Skin Care: Awaken Your Inner Beauty

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by Michele Horan

Revite’ Skincare, in Syosset, takes a “holistic” approach to renewing and rejuvenating the skin/body by the balancing of vital energy utilizing a product line that is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine and the five element theory.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and always offers a telltale sign of what’s going on inside the body as well. Any type of energetic imbalance or blockage in the flow of energy, or “chi,” will reflect externally through manifestations on the face and body. The proper flow of energy is essential for health and vitality. Locating and identifying blockages is the foundation of “energetic skin care,” which is the form of skin care offered at Revite’; it is designed to restore and maintain the body’s holistic balance with nature by transforming with the seasons.

The skin will tell a story of what’s happening on the outside, the inside, and even in your inner soul. Take, for example, mature skin that is showing signs of aging, dehydration, lack of tone, fine lines and wrinkles—Revite’ would treat these issues by using the “water element” as the base of a three-step skin program.

Women experiencing menopause and hot flashes want to calm and cool the body by using the “fire element.” Inflammatory conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, are also directly related to an energetic imbalance of the fire element. Skin experiencing excess oil, blackheads and brown staining is thought to be due to a lack in flow of vital energy circulation. The three-step program for the “wood element” would be recommended. All skin conditions manifest due to an imbalance of one or more of the five elements.

The ingredients of the Revite’ product line are all plant-based, including plant extracts, essential oils, minerals, antioxidants, algae and clay masks. They are the same elements Mother Earth provides for trees, flowers and plants, which grow with beauty and abundance and “become” more beautiful with age.

What is it that we can learn from the “Tree of Life”? What is the tree doing that we aren’t? The tree remains connected to its source from the beginning. It feeds off Mother Earth and the elements of the Earth, and becomes self-sustaining and all knowing. The external supply is automatic. Compare a 100-year-old tree to a 100-year-old human being. Who looks better? The tree outlives us, outgrows us, and “out knows” us! It’s time to begin a “new way” and reattach our broken branch back to feeding off Mother Earth and the natural elements.

Revite’ Skincare can offer you the key to open the door and start you back on the path to healing and transformation. Beauty will change your self-esteem, and empower you to live with passion and purpose. It offers connection to your self, society, community, and in turn, ripples into the world.  It starts one person at a time. Achieving a mind/body/soul connection is the key to optimal health, wellness and vitality.

Michele Horan is a New York State licensed esthetician, certified reiki master, life coach and owner of Revite’ Skincare, located at 567 Jericho Tpke., Ste. 203, in Syosset. For more information, call 516-457-9982, email ReviteSkincare1@gmail.com or visit ReviteSkincare.com.

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