Clairvoyant Practitioner Tori Quisling Is Offering Intuitive Reading Workshops

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Tori Quisling

Do you ever want to know more about a co-worker or family member? Do you want to see the “truth” in a relationship or situation at work? Do you want your sales meetings to go more smoothly? You can learn to develop your natural intuitive abilities to gain insights and manifest better relationships and business.

Tori Quisling offers fun, interactive 90-minute workshops to open up your intuition and practice this skill in a group or online. In the workshops, Quisling guides participants in a meditation to “tune in” to their natural intuitive ability, ask a question, and then train to “see” the answer as a symbol and color. This exercises the “inner eye” or pineal gland.

“Students get this right away, and it’s fun,” says Quisling. “Then participants practice this new awareness by tuning in to a symbol that another student has drawn or by holding an object, such as jewelry of another student, to gain amazing insights into each other. It happens instantly and everyone is amazed at their own abilities as well as the feeling of clarity that comes from exchanging a healing communication.”

Quisling assists with the readings and offers insights for each person as well. The object reading is called “psychometry,” while the symbols reading is clairvoyant or “picture” reading. Quisling teaches a variety of methods to practice intuitive reading.

Cost: $40 per person. Location: 150 Bayview Ave., Port Washington. For more information, contact Quisling at 800-528-4191 or 516-423-1794, or Also visit

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