Are You an Emotional Eater?  

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by Deborah Graham

If you wish to change your eating habits, it is time for you take personal responsibility for your choices. It is time for you to begin asking the more pressing and deeper questions that will lead to a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle on all levels. 

By addressing the reasons why you choose what you choose, you can begin to understand the missing links in life so you fill them with something other than quick antidotes that satisfy your palette. 

Ask yourself how your choices are sabotaging you. Are you abandoning the goodness within?  Do you sense you need to stuff your mouth as a way to keep it closed when in reality all you want to do is speak up? 

When you become aware of how you reach for food as a way of padding your emotions, sensations and feelings, you gain momentum for taking steps that lead to a more productive and active, not to mention healthier life.

Deborah Graham

Emotional eating is a real issue, one that cannot be solved without your own awareness and dedication to your own body and soul. Whether you reach for comfort foods as a way to gain support through tough times, or whether you reach for comfort foods as a way of disguising your discomfort in front of others, you have to understand the reasons for your choice before you can change them. Willpower is not always the answer.

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