Anatomy and Therapeutics 100-Hour Training with Sarah Tacy

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Why should anatomy and therapeutics be dry and boring? Our bodies are miraculous. Getting to know the anatomy and physiology behind the postures can tell us about structural, psycho-emotional, energetic, and spiritual alignment. That’s amazing!

Five weekends over five months, starting in February at Absolute Yoga, in Woodbury. Just five weekends of your life spent in intensive experiential studies could forever change the way you teach and practice yoga. No matter your experience level, Sarah Tacy’s aim is to give you an approachable and applicable course that will leave you feeling confident and proficient in anatomy and yoga therapeutics. Anatomy and therapeutics go hand in hand. Once you get a stronger understanding of the multi-faceted structure of the body, you will be able to go deeper into therapeutic modalities that aim to create space and support.

This training weaves all scientific details of the body back into experiential aspects of yoga, healing and how we stand in the world. This training is open to yoga teachers, teachers in training, physical therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, acupuncturists and other healthcare professionals, as well as to serious yoga students or movement specialists wanting to deepen their understanding of anatomy as it pertains to movement and health.

Location: 1 Guilles Ln., Woodbury. For more information, including course dates, times and price, call 516-682-9642.

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