Shed the winter fog

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“Good nutrition and regular exercise definitely help you cope with life’s dramas.” ~Terri Irwin

As I write this, I am getting ready for a last-minute trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico—what people from Long Beach, New York, affectionately call “Long Beach South.” It’s like a second home to many of the residents of Long Beach because of the nature of the people and the great waves.

Sounds good, right? Sun, surf, sand and friends—should be perfect. Except. Except? Except during the last 16 months, my life has been in upheaval—living in a rental house, focused on the magnitude of publishing a magazine, going on a book tour, building a new home, and slowly watching my children slip through my fingers from childhood into adulthood. And in the midst of stressful decisions, limited time and multiple obligations, I can honestly say (why not, this letter always does seem like a confessional) that I have not been eating or exercising the way I should. So, you guessed it, my body has changed a bit and, uh-oh, it’s now bathing suit time!

But nutrition and wellness are so much more than a number on the scale (or how a woman feels in her swim suit). When I take the time to eat what fuels my body (and not the chocolate that fuels 15-minute endorphin highs), I function better, my stress is less, and my “monkey brain” of consistent chatter and worry, well, it shuts up.

March is the PERFECT month to realign our January intentions with action. Spring is the season of renewal, and after a 16-month displacement from my home, I am ready to renew. How? First, I am going to clean up my diet. Please note that I did not say, “I am going on a diet.” That thought process actually causes stress and, ultimately for me, leads to overeating. No, instead, I am heeding the great advice found in our feature article, “Nutrition Upgrades: Five Strategies for Better Health”, and plan on taking time to garden and cook and choosing organic products more often.

You see, March is Nutrition Month, and it is the perfect time for it! We are beginning to shed the winter fog and will be exposed to more daylight in the coming weeks. The truth is I gave myself 16 months’ worth of excuses for why I couldn’t find time to exercise as often as I should and why I grabbed produce that wasn’t organic (oh, and potato chips!), and in the end, I have paid for that. My anxiety is greater, my strength is less, AND I’m going to be on display in front of all my friends and neighbors in two days with this 16-month lazy body! That’s okay; I love myself and accept that I have had a stressful year, but with that love I will also need to push myself past the stress and excuses and get back to living my most healthy life. This issue is going to help me do just that. How about you?

Malama Pono!

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