Yoga for the Health of It

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Yoga serves the body in several ways. Many health practitioners recommend yoga as an easy yet important means of combating stress and a way to stimulate bones. Assuming the body is getting enough calcium, yoga will encourage the bones to retain calcium through the exerting of pressure, leading to more production of bone mass.

Yoga helps with bone health better than some other forms of exercise because it puts just the right amount of exertion on the bones. Yoga is a great all-body workout, involving all joints and bones.

Weight-bearing poses that are great for the bones include inversions, arm balances, and standing poses. They affect the whole spine, arms, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees, ankles and feet, encouraging full range of motion.

Incorporate yoga into your weekly routine. A good way to schedule this is to do your yoga every other day, alternating with an aerobic exercise on the in-between day. This will move you forward on the path to good health and a more fulfilling life.

Source: Dr. Nakul Karkare, who is an orthopedic surgeon highly specialized in limb reconstruction and joint replacement surgery. Contact him at 212-951-0182 or visit one of his nine Complete Orthopedics locations at

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