Women Rule the World Part 2

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We had such a wonderful response to our “Women Rule the World” May feature, where we shared photos and quotes from women business leaders and healers found right here on “The Island,” that we were encouraged to introduce our readers to some more of these remarkable and inspiring women!

“The most rewarding part of owning a yoga studio is helping to create a community of like-minded students who come together from diverse backgrounds, different ages and genders, and varied careers and educations. When I see the students become friends and meet before and after class to talk and share their lives, it is like watching a family grow. As a woman owning a business, creating this community has been like bringing a new child into this world and watching it grow and mature, spreading its own light and love.” –Leslie Luft, owner of Absolute Yoga, in Woodbury.

“At the end of a day of working with clients, I feel immensely grateful for the gift I have received as a participant in their healing journey. When I hear of the benefits they are finding this healing work provides in their lives, I have a sense of fulfillment that is truly beyond words. I feel thankful to my clients for allowing me to facilitate this part of their journey to wellness, and thankful to the Divine for this gift. Michelle Andrea Stewart, energy healer, in  Lynbrook.

“Opening my new business is truly a blessing because I am combining helping people with their divine path and my joy in having beautiful things surrounding me while working. My family support is the ultimate blessing; I could not do this without my brothers and sister.” –Heidi Husser, owner of Angels Oils and Practical Magic, in Mineola.

“Being the owner of two yoga studios allows me to connect daily with the kindest, most generous and inspiring people. How many business owners are greeted with hugs every time they go to work?” –Cara Stone, owner of Yoga Nanda, in Garden City and Long Beach.

“I am so blessed to be doing what I do because I get to help people reach their wellness goals and help to improve their quality of life, at the same time feeding my soul to achieve its purpose. I am truly blessed by the energy and love my clients, staff, family and God give to me on a daily basis.” –Vanessa Drew, owner of Cleansing Concepts, in Smithtown and Westbury.

“I feel that in the times that we are living, people are really stressed out, and the practice of yoga is an incredibly healing, soothing practice—even if it just makes a tiny, little dent in the way someone feels. I think that if everyone were to be doing it, we would all be in a better place. When you are in this yoga business, it is a calling—you are just creating a vehicle for people to find their own inner peace.” –Gail Grossman, owner of Om Sweet Om Yoga, in Port Washington.

 “As a Long Island-based integrative biological family dentist, my new focus has been bringing health and healing to the community that I live in and love—always striving for new ideas that present themselves during the challenges of raising our families in a fast-paced world by going back to the basic fundamentals: healthy living and healthy dentistry.” Linda Golden, DDS, owner
of Golden Dental Wellness, in Manhasset.

“I count my blessings every day that I do something that gives back to me in so many ways—a business that I share with Sal and my girls, teaching my children to give back to nature and to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Beekeeping is a trade that most people run from, but my family has embraced it, and we have found ways to bring us together.” –Molly Vitale, owner of Miss Molly’s Honeydrippers, in Wantagh.

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