Why People Can’t Lose Weight

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With more than two thirds of Americans being overweight and one third being con- sidered obese, our society is rapidly getting sicker and fatter. And it is not because most people are not trying to keep their weight down. It is because most people don’t understand why we get fat and stay fat.

The three top reasons that we can-not lose weight and keep it off no matter what we do is that we are chroni-cally stressed and tired, malnourished and toxic. Essentially, it is because our toxic, fast-paced lives keep us malnour-ished and destroy our digestive system and hormone balance. We then try to make up the energy with more empty calories. We are out of balance, and we are starving for vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy and strong.

At the Family Wellness Center, we have extraordinary weight-loss programs. They are part of a complete system that teaches people how to eat with step-by-step daily instruction, round the clock personal help, recipes and high-quality, natural supplements that you can use for life. This is not a pre-planned, canned or pre-packaged program where you buy foods or supplements and count calories. These are real, back-to-basics food programs that are tailored to each person’s spe-cific needs. These all-natural programs help people to resolve stress, nourish the body, heal the digestive system, rebalance hormones, detoxify the body, and permanently shrink and eliminate fat cells.

The Family Wellness Center is located at 641-B Old Country Rd., Plainview. For more information, call 516-822-8499 or visit NetworkWellnessCenter.com. See ad on page 15.

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