Wellness Practitioner Offers Healthy Home Consultation

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Make your home a healthy and happy retreat. Wellness and well-being go far beyond what people eat or do. It is definitely an everyday life affair, and because a great amount of time is spent in the built environment, the state of your house plays a significant role in your overall health. People can be exposed to all sorts of chemicals and toxicants on a daily basis. Think about cleaning products, furniture and textiles, air and water, electronics, just to name a few. The result is a growing incidence of disease because of the frequent and cumulative exposure, even if it is in small doses.

The clean-living concept that YOU Wellness and Well-Being applies to the environment helps to minimize the effect of such exposure. It empowers people to make better choices and it provides a personalized assessment and recommendations for people’s own space. It also enhances the dwellers’ well-being by bringing nature in, which has a tremendous therapeutic effect. It incorporates natural materials; plants for fresh and clean air; and views, colors, curves and patterns found in nature. Health-promoting lighting, clutter-free spaces, and spots devoted to mindfulness are other ways used to promote well-being. All is strategically thought to turn your surroundings into your own personal daily retreat.

For more information about healthy homes or to schedule a home consultation, call Annetta Ferrante, integrative nutrition health coach, certified feng shui practitioner, and founder of YOU Wellness and Well-Being, at 516-423-0628 or visit YouWellnessAndWell-Being.com.

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