The Unexpected Healing Powers of Yoga

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by Anita Haridat, PhD

Hatha-Yoga-Brainpower-8487386fWhen one thinks of yoga, what comes to mind are bodies that bend well, meditation and silence. Most people are unaware that there are deep healing powers at play. It should be noted that yoga is not a religion. Instead, it is a series of mental and physical exercises used toward achieving a sense of enlightenment. In essence, there are more components used than simple stretches and mindless flexible movements.

As yogis delve into the peaceful parameters of each technique, there is a strong ability to increase self-awareness and to remove toxicity, which can drain mind, body and soul. The actual term “yoga” means to join or unite, according to the Sanskrit term yug, and the ultimate goal is to be at peace with oneself—away from suffering and confusion of everyday life. Within India, yoga has been a staple of the culture for more than 5,000 years. There are many people that may be hesitant to attempt yoga because of the strong assumption that they won’t have enough patience. However, when individuals begin to center themselves and realize the entire essence of human life, there is a type of peacefulness
that can unfold.

Here are some unexpected benefits of yoga that can enhance personal power and create a sense of rejuvenation:

1. Increases Immunity. As per a study in Norway, the practice of yoga can help to increase immunity based on a cellular level. Those people that took the time to monitor their breath had better movement and overall circulation, which caused their organs to function better than the individuals in the control group.

2. Promotes Better Sleep. It has been found that eight consecutive weeks of yoga can contribute to better sleep and peacefulness, especially for those that tend to suffer from insomnia. The practice can significantly help to restore the body and assist with rejuvenation, so there is less fatigue.

3. Helps Fight Unhealthy Food Cravings. When a person takes time to practice yoga, there tends to be an increase in mindfulness. This means there is a strong potential for an awareness in overall eating. That same awareness can help one be in tune with one’s emotions, which can help one make better choices regarding nutritious foods and a healthy lifestyle.

For those that feel there is simply not enough time for yoga, it may be beneficial to just take five minutes out of the day for the attainment of enlightenment. It is important to sit in a comfortable position, free from distractions, stay mindful of breathing and be present in the moment with oneself. Once this is done just a few times a week, the human spirit can progress toward a healthy and wondrous state.

Anita Haridat is a published author with her Ph.D. in health care/business administration and her master’s degree in clinical nutrition. As an avid reader and writer, Haridat has a plethora of published pieces in such publications as Our USA Magazine, Syosset-Woodbury Life, EGO Magazine and many more. She inspires others on their healthcare journey, especially through nutrition education, in her blog, titled The Healthy Spectator.

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