The Power of Community

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The new year is just around the corner. It’s a time when many set new health and wellness resolutions. But while many people set goals, few actually put them into action in a way that sets them up for success. In fact, a whopping 80% of resolutions fail by mid-February! Why?

There are a few reasons why so many people let their goals fall to the wayside. In my experience as a health coach, it comes down to one main and very critical component: accountability. Clients have said that just by knowing I am going to hold them to what they said they’ll do actually inspires them to stay on track. When you are accountable to someone or a group of people, you can easily get stuff done because you engage the power of social expectations. Makes sense. At one point or another, we all need someone to keep us headed in the right direction.

For this reason, I created the Own Your Wellness Women’s Conference. I wanted to create a community where wellness experts and women dedicated to achieving their best selves can connect and stay more committed to their intentions. This annual conference includes health and beauty exhibits, wellness and motivational speakers, free giveaways and a swag bag. The power of community is essential to the success of any individual. Join us at the Radisson Hotel, in Hauppauge, on Saturday, January 11, and get ready to connect, commit and own your wellness.

Source: Wendy Bonilla, integrative nutrition health coach, author, educator and founder of Well Balanced with Wendy. Connect with her at 516-445-0936 or Instagram: healthygirl78.

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