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ngvwRD4“Fall cleaning can be overwhelming, but I work with my clients step by step and walk the journey with them,” says Patty Barr, owner of The Elegant Organizer. “The garage, attic and basement are the rooms that can accumulate the most, and I call them the ‘catch-all rooms.’ We put items in there to get them out of the way of the living areas. Then we think we will go back and take care of it, but it just piles up day by day, month by month.

Here are some ways Barr tries to assist her clients as well as some things she keeps in mind when speaking with them (in her own words):

  • Important thing to remember when you are trying to unclutter and organize your life is keeping the goal in mind.
  • Need to tackle one section at a time.
  • Go step by step with my clients to create new habits and new processes that will allow them to live and maintain a simple and stress-free way of living.
  • Everything has a home—my philosophy.
  • Develop daily and monthly routines to maintain space and manage their valuable time.
  • Create a calm, beautiful and tranquil life—reclaiming space so you can do what matters: enjoy your life.
  • Listen to what they need.

For more information, call 631-251-1414.

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