Rejuvenate Your Business in the New Year

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Katrina Greene

by Katrina Greene, MSW

Many businesses do the same things over and over, year after year. Then they wonder why nothing changes.

In order to create change, you have to be able to take new actions. Sometimes people are afraid to try something new. They are unsure if a different plan or idea will help, or they may be concerned that a risk could set them back.

But taking no action is really falling behind because the others in your field will be moving forward and trying out new protocols, products and services.

Are there ideas you have been thinking of but haven’t tried? Have people suggested things, but you haven’t found the time to implement them? Sometimes staff members or customers could have good ideas for your company. Other times, your imagination could be sparked by seeing what others in your field have done.

The first step is to determine what needs to be changed. Is your company lacking in efficiency? Do you need to get your office better organized? Then think of what you could do to begin to address and solve the problems.

Another way to begin the process of reinventing your company is to remove the “clutter.” Old information—paper-work, materials and files—you no longer need can get in the way of progress and achievements you want, as it takes up both physical space as well as space in your mind—in that you see it and think about “the old” each time you pass it by. Another way to become reinvented is to think about what you need and ways to create it. Make a list of staff, physical equipment, grants, loans or funding that would help grow your business, and then list ways you could create it.

Coaching can help a business grow, as it provides business owners with an assessment of where they stand currently, offers choices and solutions as to how to resolve their problems, and then gives them new ideas for revenue growth, effectiveness and expansion. It can also help motivate owners, support them through changes, and help them create a smooth transition during periods of growth and reinvent their brand if necessary.

Seeking to reinvent your company in the new year? It starts with you. It will only happen if you take action to make it happen. The choice is yours. Make this year the year you reinvent your business.

Katrina Greene, MSW, is the owner of Successful Business Coaching. She can be reached at 631-567-0008 or Also visit

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