Redefining the Narrative of Beauty Through Embody Love Movement Workshops

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Yoga Nanda: Garden City is thrilled to host Cheryl Donnelly for a series of Embody Love Movement workshops. These workshops are geared toward helping females connect with their inner beauty and develop a sense of self-worth and acceptance. Each workshop is designed specifically for a different age group: adults over 19 (was held February 10), teens 12 to 18 (March 10) and girls 7 to 11 (April 14).

These transformative experiences include a variety of interactive exercises, including constructive discussions about society-driven ideals, embodied yoga practices appropriate for each age group, and self-affirming dialogue in a safe and supportive group environment. While each workshop is unique, the goals are universal: to help women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities discover their own beauty and the beauty of those around them.

The practice of yoga is one of compassion and unity. When we participate in practices that help us engage with a collective energy of love, we become kinder to ourselves and therefore better equipped to serve others. Yoga Nanda and Embody Love are honored to offer these opportunities to foster the loving compassion inside each and every one of us.

Location: 55 Hilton Ave., Garden City. For more information, visit To register for upcoming workshops, visit  

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