The Progressive School of Long Island: Local School that Rocks

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ProgressiveSchoolProgressive School began twenty-nine years ago with a mission no one thought would succeed on Long Island: teach the whole child–physical, mental and spiritual, teach so they could put learning into practice, use all the intelligences, and value product, not just scores.“I have a gift, The world needs my gift, and I am not afraid to offer it.”

Progressive weaves together philosophy, methods and interesting content in each subject, and at every grade level, to produce an experience that is captivating, personalized, and meaningful.  A teachers job is to create the environment that allows students to acquire skills at their own speed, and without roadblocks in their way. Just because your child is in the third grade doesn’t mean they should be forced into a third grade curriculum.  Curricula are grade specific, your child’s knowledge and abilities are not.  Therefore, Progressive School individualizes all Reading, Writing and Math instruction.  At Progressive, it’s not unusual for a child to study at a grade or two higher in a subject of interest to them.


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