One Hug a Day Gives Us Four Days of Health

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Hudlz Trusted Touch Therapy, of Long Island, offers trusted touch therapy to those looking for a stress-relief alternative—a nonsexual holistic experience that releases the hormone oxytocin. 

As the world evolves and we become more technically involved, we are all losing touch with ourselves and others. The world is filled with people lacking emotional connections within themselves, their households and in society. Children with physical and mental disabilities; lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities; veterans with and without post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); veteran families; persons with disabilities; along with hard-working Americans are starved from the lack of touch.

“One hug a day gives us four days of health, all started at birth with mothers and their babies,” says professional cuddler and Hudlz owner Jason Ambesi. Hudlz provides a safe, non-sexual environment, where strong boundaries are communicated and consensual trusted touch (outside the bikini areas) is offered. “This is done in an effort to empower our clients to live free and be happy,” adds Ambesi. Hudlz staff, which is made up of men and women, meet male and female clients at their own home, or at the Hudlz holistic loft.

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