‘My Doctor Says My Blood Work Is Fine, but I Still Don’t Feel Great’

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Dr. David Pollack

I hear this all the time. It actually makes me laugh at this point. Why? How many pages of blood work do you normally get, if they give you a copy at all? Most of my new patients show me one to barely two pages of laboratory work substantiating a supposedly clean bill of health.

Many say, “Yeah, I had my thyroid checked; the doctor said it was fine.” On average when I run blood panels on a patient, the results cover eight to 12 pages for a basic analysis. When checking a thyroid, there are six to eight tests that I might run, minimum. Without being thorough, things will undoubtedly be missed. Out of all the people that tell me their thyroid is fine, probably 70 percent when we re-evaluate thoroughly are not fine, and the fourth or fifth test was what caught it.

So many new patients tell me they didn’t even go over their blood work line item by line item and were just told everything was fine. However, their old blood work often isn’t fine; often multiple tests are out of range, but for some reason were not discussed, as if the tests and the patients were not important. If the doctors only ran a couple tests, why are they not evaluating what’s going on? Why run the test at all if you’re not going to care about the results?

There are some really great tests out there to determine how great our health is. From the basics to complete thyroid evaluations, autoimmune markers, dozens of hormones, advanced cholesterol breakdowns, and much more. We might think our annual physical gave us a clean bill of health; however, I am sad to say this is most often not the case.

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