Long Island’s Spiritualist, Stacey Gunnard

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After 29 years in the metaphysical retail space, Love’s Harvest Moon and Ohm in the Home, in Sayville, Stacey Gunnard has closed her storefront to devote herself to her passion and purpose: soul work. She is a natural clairvoyant and life student of spirituality, offering all modalities of healing for self-love and awareness.

Gunnard has created a private studio, Valhalla Healing Studio, in East Patchogue, and devotes her time to assisting people on their journey of the self to the self. Her approach is zero fluff, as she channels “source” to empower you to wholeness. With more than 30 years of service, her intentions are clear. “I simply deliver the mail; don’t be impressed by my gifts, be impressed by your own ability to unwrap yours,” she says.

Gunnard also offers Facebook live videos on her Facebook page, Ohm in the Home, as her spiritual tithing. “When intention meets action, magic is born,” she adds.

For more information or to book a session, call 516-906-3155 or email NamaStacey108@optonline.net.

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