Living Life Ageless

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I know this guy; he is forty-six years old and he’s a total “player”! For the purpose of this letter, I’ll call him “Kevin.” To be honest, I’m

not sure he would want the world knowing that I think he is a player. Kevin loves the fact that he’s a player; it brings him visible joy. I found myself many years back inspired by this player’s men- tality! Thinking that maybe, just maybe I should become a player, too. Hang in there with me. Kevin is a player. He plays volleyball, surfs, plays basketball with neighborhood kids, enters beach wrestling contests—you name it. If there is some fun activity to join, some game to be played, Kevin is all in!

I used to watch him in an almost jealous state, wondering angrily: “Doesn’t he have some sort of adult chore that needs to be done? A fence to be built or toilet to be fixed?” His friends often say, “Kevin knows how to enjoy every moment because he is a cancer survivor.” Sounds plausible, except that I have known Kevin for more than 25 years—well before he ever faced illness, and he’s always been a player.

I have another friend—let’s call her “Jen.” Jen used to play lacrosse in college. She wanted to play again, but there was no league for her to join. She wasn’t inter- ested in coaching a youth team, which seemed to be her only choice—she wanted to play. So, she created her own league and can now be found playing lacrosse with other women at least once a week.

Why don’t more adults play like Kevin and Jen?

Time is often a factor. We are parents, or we are caring for our own parents. We are business professionals or students. We are pet owners, homeowners or home renters. We are the “uber busy” modern adult, so finding time to play is an obstacle. Another obstacle—maybe an even bigger one—is fear of embarrassment. Seriously, how would it look us chasing a kickball, playing in the waves, trying a yoga pose, or shaking our booty in a Zumba class?

This month’s issue is dual focused. Our themes are agelessness and yoga—a perfect combination because a yoga class is a great place to begin to open yourself up to play.

Inspired by Kevin and numerous yoga classes, I began a few years ago to incorporate play into my life. I am not sure what people think when they see me trying to catch waves, kick (or miss kicking) a kickball, or trying to obtain side crow pose in yoga. But I don’t care, because when I am playing, I am smiling—a great big smile, and when we smile, we are ageless.

George Bernard Shaw got it right some 70 years ago when he said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

So, what are you waiting for? Fix the toilet tomorrow! Be a PLAYER. Play manhunt with your kids, kickball with your girlfriends, or take a yoga class at a local studio. Get out there and join the other ageless adults that are playing. That’s right, join the play revolution! And tell us about it. Email or Facebook us with how you are going to incorporate play into your healthy living lifestyle and begin living life ageless!

As for me? I gotta go, Kevin just asked me to go skateboarding.

Malama Pono!

Kelly Martinsen, Publisher

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