Letter from the Publisher: The Law of Attraction Lite

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I’m going to tell you a little bit about the theory of the Law of Attraction and my experience with it, and then I will leave it to you to decide.

When I looked up “Law of Attraction,” the word “pseudoscience” was one of the first things to pop up. This law intrigues me not as a science, but more as a general rule. So, referring to it as a pseudoscience doesn’t bother me. After all, this magazine isn’t a science experiment and neither is your life. So, let’s turn away from the argument over whether this law is pseudoscience or not and move forward.

Deep believers of the Law of Attraction maintain that it’s not necessary to take any action toward your goal— that it’s simply your thoughts that persuade the universe to grant you all you desire.

I think I’m more of a Law of Attraction “lite” type of believer. While I absolutely think our thoughts are the impetus to all the abundance we seek, I claim they are worthless without action.

“The Law of Attraction Lite,” as I like to call it, is a simple theory based on “the elevator smile.” If you smile, you will get smiles back. If you bitch (and we all bitch), others will do the same. Don’t believe me? Try it. Call your sister and bitch about your husband; I can almost guarantee she will bitch about hers (or worse, agree with you about yours). Then two days later, call her and tell her about a positive event; be ready for her to share something uplifting.

We all want certain things in our life, and there are ways that we need to go about obtaining them.

I used the Law of Attraction for the birth of my son, Dylan. I visualized this amazing pregnancy in which I had a cute baby bump and jogged the boardwalk up until the last day of pregnancy, where I would pull up to the hospital, sneeze and out would pop the most beautiful, healthy baby. Well, I got the healthy baby part — the most important part — but I need to tell you that my visualization of my cute baby bump was not achieved. Instead, I gained 80 pounds and looked similar to a rhino in heat. And that sneeze was not manifested. After 24 hours of labor — with the epidural falling out of my back so that the last eight hours I was literally slamming myself in the head with a plastic bed pan, delirious with pain — I ended up with the one thing I didn’t want: a C-section.

Depressing, right? Not really, because you can still manifest your own destiny to a great degree. You can still wake up with a smile on your face and share it with those you love. You can still create a vision board with all the goals and dreams you have and stick it up and visualize what it would be like to have those things. And you can view these items daily and choose the one that’s most important to you and set goals toward achieving it.

I believe that when you marry manifestation with some effort, you will see amazing results.

Malama Pono!

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Kelly Martinsen, Publisher

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