Is it Possible to Detox and Lose Weight Eating Restaurant Food?

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westcoastThe Real Food Cleanse — a system of cleansing with whole foods — premiered in January at West East Bistro, in Hicksville, and the results were astounding, says cleanse creators and Bistro owners Raquel Wolf-Jadeja, certified health coach, and her husband, Jay Jadeja. The participants that did the two-week cleanse in January had the choice of doing it on their own by following comprehensive guidelines or having West East Bistro prepare their food for them as well as the opportunity to include optional dietary supplements. For those that chose to have the restaurant prepare their food, they had the comfort of cleansing while eating restaurant food and not having to worry about the shopping and cooking.

“Regardless of whether the food came from West East Bistro or if participants prepared it themselves, success was had by all,” says Wolf-Jadeja. “West East Bistro is committed to serving extraordinary food that is also good for you; food that is organic, non-GMO and sustainably sourced.”

The couple is offering The Real Food Cleanse again starting April 13 through the 26 and again from April 25 to May 9. This cleanse consists of three meals a day with no meal replacements. It eliminates sugar, caffeine, grains, soy, eggs, peanuts and dairy. The comprehensive guide that is included features the “Pre-Cleanse Get Set Guide” and “How to Keep the Weight Off” plan.

Location: 758 S. Broadway, Ave., Hicksville. For more information, visit

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