An Interview with Dr. Robert Morrison, Chiropractor for the Actors in the Broadway Show Hamilton

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Dr. Robert Morrison

In addition to being the official chiropractor for the Broadway actors in the hit musical Hamilton, Dr. Robert Morrison has his own practice in midtown New York City. A native New Yorker, Morrison has also lived and worked in Italy for 12 years. Morrison has taught applied kinesiology internationally since 2008, and in 2012, he authored a textbook titled Applied Kinesiology Manual Muscle Testing, a Practical Guide ( Natural Awakenings Long Island sat down with Morrison to find out what it takes to keep Broadway actors in optimal health.

First, let’s understand a little about applied kinesiology, which is the technique that you utilize.

I combine standard chiropractic with applied kinesiology, a technique which addresses all three sides of the triangle of health: structural, chemical, emotional. As such, my scope of practice includes pain anywhere in the body, as well as digestive issues, skin problems, sleep issues, poor memory, chronic fatigue, and more. Regardless of age, gender or race, my clients are people who realize that waiting for the body to break down, then expecting a doctor or a pill to fix them is not a viable option. Most of my clients are prepared to take responsibility for their own health while seeking my assistance to shed light on their blind spots.

As D.C for the cast of Hamilton, what do you find Broadway actors need most?

The performers I work with take their health very seriously and are in excellent physical shape. It’s my job to help them stay that way. I do so by ensuring that their spine, extremities and muscles are in alignment. This is how we prevent injury and optimize flexibility, symmetry of movement, and balance.

What do you think is the hardest part about being on Broadway?

Keeping a balance between work, rest and “life happens” is a challenge for everybody. For Broadway performers, keeping a balance is imperative because, like professional athletes, they rely on their bodies to deliver night after night.

It must be exciting to work with the cast of such a hit show. How many times have you seen Hamilton?

Indeed, it is inspiring to help people who bring beauty and joy into the world. Before I began my collaboration with Hamilton, I was required to see the show in order to comprehend the physical movements of the performers. To date, I have only seen the entire show once, but I observe rehearsals on a regular basis. I am planning on seeing the show again soon for pleasure rather than with a clinical eye.

Is there one exercise or self-help move you would recommend for Broadway stars or Broadway theatergoers, or just people in general?

Everybody has unique requirements, so I typically tailor my advice for each individual. Generally speaking, staying healthy requires persistent effort for anybody. It’s important to stay clear of negative thoughts and situations, spend enough time in nature, and avoid the temptation of harmful food and drink.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Preventive medicine is more than just having an annual physical exam and checking blood pressure, it’s about living healthy and seeking true functional medicine doctors who intervene before pathology sets in. Life opens up to us when we feel vital and healthy.

Dr. Robert Morrison’s office is located at 850 7th Ave., Ste. 406, in New York City. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 718-530-3696 or visit

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