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We are often asked at Golden Dental Wellness, “What makes a dentist ‘holistic’?” The answer is the procedures, including dental mercury removal, bacterial slide review, and the products that are recommended and used both in the office and for a patient’s home care. The products that the holistic dentist should be recommending should be as natural and void of toxins as possible and promote the wellness of the entire patient.

With recent reports linking oral health to numerous diseases, including heart and lung disease, stroke and diabetes, it has become vital to give more attention to one’s home dental care. Along with brushing and regular visits to your dentist, Dr. Linda Golden, of Golden Dental Wellness, recommends the use of the Hydro Floss oral irrigator. Whether you have inflamed and bleeding gums, periodontal pockets, crown and bridgework, implants, veneers or orthodontic appliances, the Hydro Floss oral irrigator offers her patients a superior home-care product.

The Hydro Floss oral irrigator is the highest quality, most effective home-treatment device of its kind by flushing disrupted plaque that brushing and flossing can leave behind. In various studies, Hydro Floss was twice as effective as other oral irrigators because of the unique aspect utilizing HydroMagnetics. One difference is Hydro Floss has been shown to have the ability to inhibit the bacteria from adhering to the surface of the teeth. This means a better chance of achieving good periodontal (gum) health than other irrigators can hope to provide, thus offering potentially better dental health and potential savings on expensive dental treatments due to prevention.

“In our office, we utilize bacteria slides to test the plaque bacteria and determine the best products and medicants that the individual patient needs to prevent disease,” says Golden. Every patient is different in terms of bacteria slide results, and Golden Dental Wellness recommends based according to the individual’s needs. While all patients benefit from an instrument like the Hydro Floss, when and how they utilize the product can be tailored using the bacteria slide results.

“I believe the Hydro Floss is the best oral irrigator available today,” adds Golden.

Source: Golden Dental Wellness. Location: 444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset. For more information, call 516-627-8400, email GoldenDental@optonline.net or visit GoldenSmile.com. See ad on page 15.

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