Healing the Wounds of 9/11

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The anniversary of 9/11 is upon us once again. With it, comes those old, familiar feelings: grief, anger, confusion, numbness and more.

Some experts believe that traumas, such as 9/11, are stored in the cells of our body. This means that even though we keep going about our daily lives, year after year, on a cellular level, the trauma of 9/11 is still alive in us.

Conflicts between peoples and cultures, like that of 9/11, often live on in the souls of descendants for many generations to come. This is the observation of Family Constellations work founder Bert Hellinger and others. These unresolved conflicts become the unconscious inheritance of future generations. What a legacy for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and countless other descendants. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Take a moment to get comfortable in your seat with your feet on the floor, and take a few deep breaths into your belly.

Now imagine a line of people standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder. All are victims of 9/11 in some way or another. Some died that day. Some lost loved ones. Some were traumatized. Others were hurt or died in the wars that followed. They are all victims with different wounds. Find your place in that line. See how the line extends as far as the eye can see.

Now opposite you and all the other 9/11 victims, see a row of 9/11 perpetrators. Some consciously planned the many details of 9/11. Others funded it, directly or indirectly, with conscious awareness or not. These many perpetrators have varying degrees of responsibility. And like the victims, they extend as far as the eye can see.

Now focus on the man directly in front of you. Notice his expression, his body language, his form of dress. What do you see? Does he look angry, defiant, remorseful, disengaged? What do you feel when you look at this man?

When you are ready, turn your attention inward. Place your hand on yourheart and find the 9/11 wound in you. Make contact with this wound and feel it fully. Keep your hand on your heart. Look at the man across from you again. This time look past the surface; his clothes, expression, demeanor. Keep your attention on him until you finally feel that spark of recognition from deep in your soul. That happens when you see his soul and recognize the suffering there. You see that he has hurt himself and others, including you, with his choices. And on the level of your soul, you understand what has happened between him and you.

Still keeping your hand on your heart, place your other hand on his heart. Look him in the eye and hold his gaze as you say to him; “I am the same as you”. Notice how this affects the man. What happens in his eyes? What happens to his body? Say it again: “I am the same as you”. Notice again what happens to the man. Take in the shift in his body, in his soul. Now listen as the man looks in your eyes and slowly says these words: “I am the same as you”. Notice what happens in your body. Notice your feelings and the energy moving inside of you. Hear him say it again: “I am the same as you”. Notice everything that comes up for you and be with it fully. Feel that piece of your soul that is trying to come back into your heart. Stay with this man until this feels complete.

When you are ready, leave the line of 9/11 victims and perpetrators. Notice what is happening in your body. Notice what is happening in your heart. Perhaps you feel the slightest glimmer of peace inside of you. Focus on this feeling and let it extend beyond your body and flow into the world, where it unites with the peace of others.

For some, that glimmer of peace may be elusive. If that is you, know that it is OK. Just be with whatever feelings you have at this moment. Accept them as your own, and know you are right where you are supposed to be on your healing journey. Save this page and any time you feel your 9/11 wound, try this again. And again. Until you find that healing.

Source: Patti Alcamo, the Holistic Medi- ator, 40 Cuttermill Rd., Suite 301, Great Neck, Patti@HolisticMediator.com.

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