Got Core? … Got Pilates?

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The Pilates method promotes core strength, develops long, lean muscles, improves body alignment, posture and balance, and increases flexibility. It emphasizes developing and strengthening the “powerhouse” muscles of the abdomen and lower back. Joseph H. Pilates, a German trainer and athlete who developed this method more than 80 years ago, felt that we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability.

The instructors at Healing Hands Pilates & Wellness, in Woodmere, are trained in the authentic Pilates method, and they have a decade of combined experience in Pilates training. This type of training surpasses anything most individuals can accomplish on their own or at a conventional gym.

It is imperative that you find instructors that understand how your mobility plays a key role in the quality of your life and that follow Pilates’ regime. Pilates maintained that if you follow his exercises three to four times a week, you will see remarkable results in three months.

Healing Hands provides a safe and professional yet personal Pilates studio with both group and private instruction. The instructors’ expertise is individualizing sessions to meet your goals, not theirs.

Location: 970 Railroad Ave., Woodmere. For more information, call 516-792-0868 or visit See ad on page 53.

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