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In June, Natural Awakenings Long Island (NALI) began its search for the best fitness classes on Long Island. A new class will be featured in the magazine each month. NALI staff writer and Publisher Kelly Martinsen headed to Woodmere to take a Pilates class at Healing Hands Pilates and Wellness, and was thrilled she did.

As a working mom with limited time, Martinsen needs to spend her time wisely. “I have to feel like I am working out,” she shares. “I need to feel stronger, have some muscle pain, and need to sweat. Honestly, if I’m giving it an hour, I need to feel like I got a great workout.”

The studio is intimate, with instructor Agnieszka Kurek, aka “Aggie,” greeting each participant at the door. The class consisted of four “regulars” that were all in great shape and that credit Nicole Leone, the owner of Healing Hands Pilates, and Kurek for keeping them in great shape. With a small class size, individual correction and adjustments were given to each participant. Kurek, who trained in Boulder, Colorado, in classical Pilates, offered corrections of each person’s form, which allowed for deeper strengthening of the core muscles.

The next day, Martinsen felt exactly how she wanted to feel: “sore.” She is hoping to get back there soon.

Classes at Healing Hands Pilates are intimate, relaxed and take place in a warm and friendly environment, making it ideal for the novice to the experienced to come and try out.

Location: 970 Railroad Ave., Woodmere. For more information, call 516-792-0868 or visit See ad on page 53.

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