Early Intervention Available for Correction of Dental Abnormalities

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Dr. Linda J. Golden, DDS

Dr. Linda J. Golden, DDS

Parents have tremendous opportunities when it comes to choosing the appropriate dental appliance for children in need of dental alignment. Yet with all the advancements in dental brace therapy, the thought remains, What if, perhaps, there were a way to potentially avoid braces altogether?

The latest in orthodontic advancement is the introduction of myofunctional orthodontics. Myofunctional orthodontics is the utilization of systems like the Myobrace in combination with exercises for the treatment of soft-tissue dysfunction in the mouth in the early childhood years (4 to 8 years) in an effort to address soft-tissue dysfunction.

Myofunctional orthodontics is described as the utilization of oral appliances, education and exercises to treat soft-tissue dysfunction in the developing child. In many cases, the exercises, which are unique habit-correcting techniques in combination with a system like the Myobrace, may correct malocclusions thus preventing the need for braces in the future.

Parents are now being given a choice to treat the cause of more than just orofacial deformity. When utilizing myofunctional orthodontics, dentists can also produce healthier patients that are able to grow without the detrimental habits that limit facial growth.

As holistic-minded parents know, early intervention and prevention of disorders has a greater appeal than simply treating symptoms of a disorder. Patients that discontinue mouth breathing at an earlier age, are potentially healthier and seem to get fewer allergies and infections, because they are breathing through their nose, thus allowing the natural nasal hairs to filter dust and bacteria. Likewise, fixing incorrect swallowing patterns and improving poor nutrition allows for the correction of downward and forward facial growth and development.

Case after case shows that using myofunctional orthodontics produces stable upper-palate-arch development and resolves lower-teeth crowding, with little mechanical effort. No braces are needed, and for the majority of patients, no permanent retainers are required.

Myofunctional orthodontics offers the ability to adjust the soft tissue in the mouth of a child to provide a potential brace-free everlasting smile!

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