Do You Want to Get Pregnant, or Know Someone That Does? 

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Learn to use clairvoyant tools that connect you with your female creative energy and create your own miracles. Tori Quisling, author of Calling in Your Baby: A Clairvoyant’s Guide to Manifesting Your Pregnancy (available on Amazon), offers readings, private classes and workshops.

Quisling explains that each woman’s body contains a powerful force called the Female Creative Center. When this center is not making a baby, it can be used to manifest projects, nurture and heal. Once you gain an appreciation for the depth and unlimited nature of this energy source, you can learn to harness this energy toward pampering yourself, fulfilling your desires and creating miracles in your life.

Having a child is not only an act of claiming the Female Creative Center but also the ultimate act of sharing yourself with another being. Women are natural mediums. Women in her readings and classes learn the following clairvoyant tools to manifest a child in their lives:

1. Harnessing your female creative energy

2. Creating a container to receive

3. Communicating with the spirit of your child

4. Visualizing receiving this child into your body

5. Detaching from the outcome

6. Being ruthlessly positive

You can learn more about practicing these clairvoyant tools in Quisling’s upcoming Pregnancy Manifestation Workshop on Monday, August 6, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Center for Clairvoyant Development, in Port Washington, or work with her right away in her readings and private training program. Partners are welcome to come and practice the techniques. This workshop is open to parents looking to adopt a baby as well. Participants will receive group readings and her book and written materials.

Workshop cost: $95 or $150 for a couple. For more information, email Tori Quisling at

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