Cravings and New Year’s Resolutions

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Dr. David Pollack

Dr. David Pollack

I, as are probably many of you, am now thinking, “What a relief the holidays are behind us.” No more obligatory huge meals, endless desserts and in-between snacks. The piles of sugar have made our systems more adjusted to its ever presence. Our bodies begin to play subtle mind games gently or not-so gently influencing us to further seek out carb-filled delights.

Luckily, there are reasons for these intense cravings that can be addressed and managed. Most importantly is the hormone cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands. This hormone’s function is to manage blood sugar, manage body weight, coordinate the immune system, influence sleep cycles, and respond to stressors. Many people believe that as we age, eat maybe not the best foods, and experience various degrees of stress that our body’s ability to manage cortisol and some of its related hormones diminishes. When this happens, sugar control becomes less precise and our body sometimes begins demanding ever-continuous sugar stores to maintain equilibrium. As this happens, many also start to experience various changes in the other cortisol functions, such as poor sleep; weight gain; weakened immunity (colds/flus/fungal infections); inflammation; autoimmune issues, like hypothyroidism; and an increase in anxiety or depression.

In practice, we try to assess the systems that influence the production and homeostasis of cortisol and its analogues. We ask such questions as Is digestion sufficient to produce enough raw materials and cofactors for its production? Are the hormone-producing glands working appropriately? Is the body under sustained stress (physical, chemical or emotional forms)? Any of these issues may, over time, cause a breakdown in cortisol production and many of the subsequent symptoms that may come along. There are many great strategies to address these concerns naturally and safely.

Source: Dr. David Pollack. Location: Pollack Wellness Institute (formerly Creating Wellness Center) is located at 66 Commack Rd., Commack. For more information, call 631- 462-0801 or visit See ads on this page and page 43.

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