Cold and Flu Prevention

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Cold and flu season is upon us and people want to protect themselves but what is the best way to prevent these winter foes? Mainstream medicine typically suggests the flu shot for prevention and drugs like Tamiflu for treatment.

Dr. David Pollack, of Creating Wellness Center of Commack, says, “Being truly healthy generally includes not getting colds or the flu due to the body’s ability to protect itself. This is the result of the myriad systems of the body working optimally and in concert. The foundation to health is a strong digestive tract, abundant and balanced hormone production systems, and strong control over inflammation.” Pollack focuses on these three fundamental health issues with his patients initially and, many times, this focus helps them achieve optimal health in all areas.

“By using the correct strategies for your unique body, you can not only avoid colds and the flu but also feel the best you ever have,” explains Pollack. “At the Creating Wellness Center of Commack, we can quickly find out if your body is digesting, absorbing, balancing hormones and managing inflammation.”

Source: Dr. David L Pollack. Location: Creating Wellness Center of Commack, 66 Commack Rd., Ste. 101, Commack. 631-462-0801, DavidPollackDC@gmail. com or

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