CEREC Technology

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The beauty of dentistry is it has always thrived on new technologies aimed at making people look and feel good, as well as providing people with healthy alternatives.

In the past, challenges of cosmetic dentistry included the use of materials such as amalgam (mercury and silver) and other metals, which were not only harmful but were also unaesthetic. These materials also had no means of bonding to the tooth surface, thus dentists had to cut away a significant amount of tooth tissue for adequate retention of the restorative material. Even when porcelain crowns were to be used, they were fused to metallic components for strength and durability. However, these porcelain fused to metal crowns had an unnatural translucency, and in some cases, the metallic aspect could be seen at the gingival margin. This was extremely unsightly, especially for individuals with high smile lines.

CEREC technology provides the use of ceramic material, which has been made to bond to tooth tissue. This greatly reduces the amount of tooth tissue that needs to be trimmed away during preparation of the tooth for a restoration. Not only that, but with crowns, the dark gingival line created by the metallic component is completely obliterated, as CEREC is entirely ceramic. It provides a strong, aesthetic finish with features very similar to that of the original tooth structure. The shade or color of the natural tooth can be perfectly matched with a specific color of ceramic so there is little-to-no distinction between the restored tooth and an untouched one.

CEREC technology also provides the ideal material of choice for making long-lasting and beautiful veneers by some very experienced practitioners.

The most amazing fact about this technology is arguably the rapidity with which results can be obtained. Fillings, crowns and veneers are all done within a single dental visit with CEREC. There is no need for uncomfortable impression trays, expensive temporary restorations or multiple visits to a dentist to have one restoration done, in the ideal CEREC situation determined by the practitioner.

CEREC technology saves time, and saving time saves money. In addition to this, it also provides strong teeth and a beautiful smile, with no indication of prior dental work done in a person’s mouth.

Source: Linda J. Golden, DDS, of Golden Dental Wellness Center (444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset). For more information or a consultation, call 516-627-8400. See ad on page XX.

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