Candidiasis—the Great Impersonator

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The first time someone receives a dose of antibiotics as a child—or consumes non-organic chicken, beef or pork that may harbor antibiotics—the good healthy bacteria (probiotics) in the intestine are killed along with the harmful bacteria that need to be destroyed. This allows different types of Candida, or yeasts—to overgrow in the intestinal wall and lets bad bacteria move in and inhabit the intestinal wall, continually secreting toxins into the body.

Holistic health practitioners believe that yeast overgrowth in the body can weken the immune system, leading to a variety of health symptoms that include excessive fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, poor memory, learning disabilities, headaches, cravings for sweets, acid reflux, skin problems, low sex drive and muscle weakness, among others.

Dr. Howard Robins, of The Healing Center in New York City, contends that the answer to this persistent health dilemma can be found by combining three treatments: temporary dietary change (anti-Candida diet); special probiotics; and Intravenous Ozone Therapy. Robins explains, “This safe and proven treatment employs medicalgrade ozone as the medicine to fix and heal most everyone who suffers from this condition. It is the necessary missing piece of the healing puzzle that makes the difference between failure and success in getting your life back again.”

Source: Dr. Howard Robins. For additional information, call 212-581-0101 or visit

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