Brand New Upper Back Pain Specialty Practice Opening

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A brand new, exciting specialty practice for upper back pain sufferers is opening in Old Brookville this January. The Center for Upper Back Pain Relief exclusively specializes treating upper back pain.

What makes the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief extremely unique is that it’s the very first upper back pain specialty practice in the U.S. Now, those living on Long Island have a convenient local destination to go to for their upper back pain.

During their consultations, the Center for Upper Back Pain identifies nine different factors with 52 different total variables to assess the extent of their patients’ upper back pain. Identifying these many different variables helps patients to understand exactly why they have upper back pain. It also helps to accurately zero in on how many total treatments could be needed to achieve total pain relief.

What sets the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief clearly apart is that it offers the life-changing TrapEAZE Technique. This four-step patent-pending manual therapy procedure is the first specific upper back pain procedure that’s ever been developed. Perfected during the course of more than 10 years, it methodically helps to eliminate upper back pain by treating its root with laser-like focus.

Past patients commonly report: massive reductions in pain; complete alleviation of upper back tension; increases in range of motion of the neck, shoulder and/or arms; increased ability to easily stay asleep; plus an overall higher quality of life. Because the TrapEAZE Technique eliminates the cause of upper back pain itself, patients rarely need to ever return for follow-up treatment.

Upper back pain specialist Justin Mandel, LAc, is the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief’s medical director. With the TrapEAZE Technique, he offers patients an exceptional treatment experience that is 100 percent noninvasive, without needles, nonsurgical and non-opioid. With more than 20 years’ experience in health care, he’s excited to bring this specialty practice to his fellow Long Islanders because of how much he’s been able to dramatically increase his patients’ quality of life.

When someone goes to the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief, they go straight to the source itself because Mandel is the developer of the TrapEAZE Technique. All Center for Upper Back Pain Relief patients will receive a thorough, private, personalized consultation from him and will always be treated directly by him.

All new patients will receive their own visual report of findings following the completion of their consultation. This important document breaks down the nine different specific variables that could be negatively affecting their upper back. The included care plan will outline the approximate number of treatments that will be needed to experience long-term upper back relief.

Make 2019 the year that you finally enjoy your life without agonizing upper back pain.

For more information, or to download your free Upper Back Pain Basics booklet, visit the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief’s informative website, This brief booklet contains three of the best upper back pain exercises that sufferers can do to quickly get temporary relief.

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