4 Fall Tips to Stay Healthy

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It’s beneficial to eat local fall foods that are in season. Pumpkins, squash, Brussels sprouts and soups are all good things to eat when the weather gets colder. Foods that are high in antioxidants are fall-healthy-thumbbeneficial as well as chicken soup, which has been scientifically proven to help with colds.

Always keep exercising, even in the cold weather. Moving around is so good for the whole body and has been shown to really help heal the fall and winter blues.  Studies demonstrate that exercise is more beneficial for our moods than taking any pharmaceuticals.

Take control of your fall allergies with natural products. This time of year can be problematic for many people as plant pollen can irritate the nasal passages and cause other health problems. Taking products such as Hista Plus and Triple Allergy Defense can help to stabilize the mast cells and stop the allergic response.

It’s important during this season to wash your hands with natural soap and water. The Food and Drug Administration finally warned us to stop using antibacterial products. We have been aware of the negative health effects for many years now in alternative medicine. Natural soap and water is the best way to wash away those germs to stay healthy throughout the colder months.

Source: Dr. Jillian Finker, ND, CNS, of Finker wellness Inc. (2308 Bellmore Ave., Bellmore). For more information, call 516-765-3272 or visit DrFinker.com.

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