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A Year of Inspired Living

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Publisher’s Letter: How is your Time Spent?

“Time, time, time, see what’s become of me while I looked around for my possibilities.” –The Bangles 😉 The months of May and June for me are busy ones. Too busy, really; they are filled with both end-of-the-year ceremonies and obligations and summer planning. Beginnings and endings. The use of time and the planning of time. Time. Time is so ... Read More »

Natural Favorites

The summer is here, and with it comes our favorite seasonal segment, what we like to call Natural Favorites. We’ve picked some favorites from members of our editorial team as well as from Natural Awakenings Long Island readers. These include a natural deodorant, a superfood smoothie service, a coffee supplement, great beach reads, and more! “A great book for the ... Read More »

Dr. Jonathan Richter Offers Free Oral Cancer Screenings for Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Jonathan Richter

“With our mouth we eat and drink what sustains us. With it, we communicate ideas and feelings to the world through speech or a simple smile. It allows us to taste the nuance of a fine wine, the sweetness of a freshly picked berry, or mustard-covered hot dog at the ballpark. Love or passion is expressed by it when we kiss a loved one or ... Read More »

Labor Day Picks

board walk

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Raw Terre: A Purely Organic Solution to Combat Sagging Skin and Stretch Marks

Raw Terre belly balm

Raw Terre is extraordinary skin and hair care built on creativity, integrity and love. The company is an all-woman, all-natural one that perfectly melds the ancient art and secrets of beauty with today’s science of natural, raw ingredients. Their creativity is in their wondrous ingredients, many of which have languished underused for centuries, and their selective blending of precious oils, ... Read More »

Experience Unlimited Pleasure

Christiane Northrup

We humans were born to experience unlimited pleasure and joy. It’s our birthright. Pursuing pleasure and also allowing ourselves to receive it on a regular basis are absolutely essential to creating and maintaining vibrant physical and emotional health. That’s right—the pursuit of good feelings is not an indulgence. It’s a life-affirming necessity! Pleasure in all its many forms literally stokes ... Read More »

Catalyst for Change—Natural Awakenings Celebrates 20 Years

A heartfelt shout out goes to the 90 U.S. cities and metro areas across the country, plus Puerto Rico, where Natural Awakenings is effecting positive change in people’s lives. For 20 years, this free community magazine has been loyal readers’ go-to resource for awakening America to the benefits of naturally healthy living. Read More »