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Calendar Long Island



You and your family’s participation helps local organizations and businesses to bring awareness to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Remember, healthy living is a family affair. Kids can create their very own special healthy calendar of events. Great home project where kids can scrutinize the calendar for their own events to attend or participate in. Health and wellness businesses and organizations use the calendar to reach the 100s of thousands of Long Island residents striving for that more healthy lifestyle. Calendar Long Island lists special days in each month that focus on the well being of humans and their healthy choices and lifestyles. Use this calendar to plan the days and weeks ahead, to meet your goals and aspirations, to obtain better health and quality of life, by participation in events around Long Island. Calendar listing for print and online is a one time charge of $40. Please call 516 578 6903 to provide a credit card for this listing.

Calendar Long Island

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