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Open Your Eyes to a New Kind of Treatment for Macular Degeneration

by Mats Sexton, LAc, DiplAc More often than not, when people are diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease such as macular degeneration, they are told by their ophthalmologist, “There’s nothing you can do.” However, nothing could be further from the truth. The growing field of Chinese medicine ophthalmology can be a savior for vision. While most people associate Chinese medicine ... Read More »

Targeting Diet- and Exercise-Resistant Fat

“Despite going to the gym and eating a balanced diet, many women—and men—have those stubborn fatty areas of the body that remain,” says Gary S. Kasten, DO, FACOG. It can be quite frustrating for people that lead a healthy, active lifestyle, yet still gain or retain weight. Unintentional weight gain—weight gain that results even though activity levels and food/liquid consumption ... Read More »

What Is Functional Medicine (Part 2)?

Last month, we discussed the differences and basics of true functional medicine/nutrition and what seems to be the popular trend in health care. “Holistic” and “wellness” can mean almost anything (I’ve seen a plastic surgery center referring to itself as a wellness center). In mainstream medicine, taking blood pressure medicine for high blood pressure is a step toward wellness, which ... Read More »

Aging Gracefully

Growing old is inevitable, yet there are methods in assuaging the aging process through proper diet and health support. It’s projected by 2050 that Americans aged 65 and older will amount close to 89 million people, which is double the number of elderly adults in 2010. The reason: Individuals are living longer, into their 70s and 80s. The rising number ... Read More »

A Brave New World in Dental Care 

According to a recent study, as many as 75 percent of the American population has intentionally put off a dental appointment or procedure because of their fear around a drill or a needle. If huge numbers of people are suffering in silence and not getting the care they need, there could be all kinds of consequences. We know, for example, ... Read More »

Yoga for the Health of It

Yoga serves the body in several ways. Many health practitioners recommend yoga as an easy yet important means of combating stress and a way to stimulate bones. Assuming the body is getting enough calcium, yoga will encourage the bones to retain calcium through the exerting of pressure, leading to more production of bone mass. Yoga helps with bone health better than some ... Read More »

Testing for Dangerous Mold in Home and Office 

Realtime Lab (RTL) is a certified clinical laboratory specializing in the testing of indoor environments to determine if the inhabitants are being exposed to molds or mycotoxins, and clinical tests that determine which toxins and how much are entering the body. According to RTL Associate Laboratory Director Dr. Shalini Muralidhar, the mycotoxins that Realtime Labs tests for include the top ... Read More »

How Can Volunteering at Long Island Crisis Center Benefit Your Well-Being?

According to several studies on volunteerism, those people that volunteer reap social, emotional, and even physical benefits from their experiences: Boosts self-esteem because by helping others you’ll find a greater sense of self-worth and trust Expands your connections by bringing you together with people of similar values and ethics Contributes to a longer life and decreases heart disease Gives purpose ... Read More »

Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival Returns

Celebrate the spirit of yoga and community—from the grassroots of the ‘60s counterculture to the modern yoga and transformational arts gatherings—at the Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival. The second annual festival will be held August 18 to 20, in Darlington, Maryland, just a few hours from Washington, D.C. The festival draws some of the most beloved national teachers, kirtan, music ... Read More »


Sunday, June 11, from 2 to 8 p.m. at the Paramount, in Huntington, join your fellow 21-year-of-age and older Pottheads across the country for the official day-drinking and mingling destination for witches, wizards, squibs and magical creatures alike. In 2016, PotterCons in New York City and Memphis gathered almost 3,500 Hogwarts alums for magical days of witchcraft and wizardry, and ... Read More »