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Letter from the Publisher: Eagles wings to get over things

You need eagles wings to get over things That make no sense In this world. ~Tom Petty As I worked on this month’s issue, I listened to an interview with Tom Petty where he recalled the time an arsonist set his home on fire while he was in it. The only material possessions remaining after the fire were the clothes ... Read More »

The Science and Regulation Behind the GMO Deception

by Sheldon Krimsky, Ph.D. Agriculture had its origins about 10 thousand years ago. Throughout most of that period, farmers shared seeds, selected desired phenotypes of plants, and with keen observation and experience sought to understand the environmental factors affecting crop productivity. Through selective breeding, farmers chose plants that were best adapted to their region. By saving seeds of the more ... Read More »

The Sunshine in New York Is NOT Enough to Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels!

by Kristine Blanche, RPA-C, M.D., Ph.D. Vitamin D has always been known as the sunshine vitamin, right? Unfortunately, for most people, the sun is not enough anymore. I have been checking vitamin D levels for 10 years in every patient that walks through my door. I have found that over the past several years, I am prescribing five times the ... Read More »

Water Is Essential for Health

by Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., ND Water is essential for health, and without adequate water, humans can die within a few days. The infant body is comprised of 75 percent water, and even in old age, the human body is made of 55 percent water. In spite of this, most people do not drink enough water, and dehydration has become ... Read More »

Global Warming

by Doug Sisterson Is global warming just the result of natural cycles, or of cosmic rays bombarding the Earth? Climate change skeptics say “yes” to such questions routinely and loudly. Have you heard the claim that scientists are split on whether humans are affecting the climate? Have you ever wondered if renewable energy is too expensive to replace fossil fuels? ... Read More »

5 Lifestyle Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

by Stephanie Jaworowski, MSACN One in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. That is a whopping 12 percent of the female population. Even if a person has the predisposed genetics for breast cancer, there are many dietary and lifestyle interventions that can be implemented to prevent its growth. Don’t let genetics stand ... Read More »

Why You Should Pay Attention to Inflammation

Do you remember when you were 15 and fell off your bike landing directly on your knee? You saw a big red gash, felt throbbing pain, and couldn’t even stand up straight to go inside to tell mom what happened. Most of us know that when we hurt ourselves, we create inflammation in our body. What most people are unaware ... Read More »

Exercise for Stronger Knees and Hips 

Exercise is more than one smart health habit for hip and knee problems; it is often used as an effective treatment. For example, strengthening the muscles around a damaged hip or knee can help support that joint by taking over some of its responsibilities. The hips are a good example and will do less work when supporting the weight of ... Read More »

New Research Reveals a Link Between Diabetes and Gum Disease 

Diabetics know that their disease can affect several bodily functions and systems, such as the heart, nervous system and kidneys, but a new study has shown that diabetics are also more prone to developing gum disease. Gum disease affects the gums and bones that holds the teeth in place and can lead to pain and tissue damage. In its early ... Read More »

Confused Girl in the City

Confused Girl is making a big impact in athleisure. Giovanna Silvestre is a perfect example of a millennial female entrepreneur who has created her own success with no money and a dream. She worked part-time jobs and used her following from her blog and social media as a springboard to create a unique product with a powerful message. On her inspiring journey, she met ... Read More »