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Advertise to reach our total readership, mostly women consumers predisposed to like your healthy living product or service? An unbeatable 80 percent of our readers purchase products or services because they see an ad in Natural Awakenings. Make your business part of the list of happy retailers and websites who successfully use this Long Island magazine, to acquire these smart readers / consumers.

Natural Awakenings Long Island magazine is your healthy living magazine. We’re your guide to a healthier, more balance life. Our mission is to provide insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality. There are several ways individuals and businesses benefit when they advertise with Natural Awakenings Long Island magazine.

Distributed to 800 stops throughout Long Island reaching 55,000, of Long Islands educated, sustainably responsible, health conscious people each month. Over 90% of our advertisers sign second and third term contracts making us confident we can create a marketing plan to suite your needs.

Advertise on Long Island

Cutting-Edge Information
Natural Awakenings Long Island writers and advertisers provide the tools you need to assist you on your personal path to health and wellness. We feature articles by national authors and local leaders in the complementary/functional and natural health field. Additionally, we bring you news and events that are happening in our communities—and around the globe.

Targeted Distribution
Advertisers can reach our affluent, well-educated and health conscious readers who are eagerly seeking resources that will improve their health and well-being. When you work with Natural Awakenings Long Island you know you’re reaching a market segment who seeks out our free monthly publication because they are looking for local resources that compliment living a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle. We’re selective in our distribution points while being certain not to limit our exposure to just to the “already converted” or to one single segment.

While we have a highly targeted readership, we are broad enough with our content so as to bring in new readers from whatever their angle is, be it “foodies”, fitness fans, moms or the socially and environmentally conscious. Best of all, we’re focused on educating readers right here in your “back yard”.

Available in Print, Online and by Email Subscription
Natural Awakenings Long Island pick-up rate has been phenominal and our readers continue to grow, but for those that prefer it, Natural Awakenings Long Island is available online in flip-page style and the articles are posted for the convenience of our readers and enhanced SEO benefits to our partners.

Cost Effective Local Advertising
Natural Awakenings Long Island edition ad rates are very affordable and unlike magazines that are “pushed” into homes, ours is a “pull” magazine. Our readers are “pre-qualified” for you, in that our readers CHOOSE to pickup it up each month because they are interested in our content and are looking for local products, services and resources to help them live a green and healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle. Because we partner with you to promote your business, we customize all our campaigns to meet your specific needs, wants and budget.

Call to learn more and find out what makes Natural Awakenings Long Island unique and powerful! Call us today at 516 578 6903 or connect with us by email and let us know a best time to call, and we’ll reach out to you to share more about what we’re doing and how you can benefit.

Media Kit – Natural Awakenings Long Island (Call for Rates: 516-587-6517)

Advertise On Long Island – More BenefitsAdvertise on Long Island Natural Awakenings Magazine

Personal Benefits: Participating and supporting Natural Awakenings Long Island is supporting health and wellness improvement measures on the Island. As a business you can feel good knowing that you are supporting the message of a balanced and nurtured life.

Business Benefits: As a business partner with Natural Awakenings Long Island, you can promote your business through a variety of measures including:

Marketing with Display ads, Event listings on line and in print, Directory listings online and in print, Business Spotlights, Distribution capabilities.

Contribute an article or a blog.

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